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Where do you deliver?

We deliver to a large portion of Denver. To see the details, check out our delivery map here.

Do you offer same-day delivery?

Yes, by special request if delivery schedule permits. Please confirm availability prior to placing order.

May I request a delivery time?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this option at this time. Deliveries are made Monday–Friday between 2–6 p.m. MT the following business day from date of order.

What happens to my flowers if I’m not home?

We do our best to deliver to a secure location; sometimes that could be a neighbor’s home or a business. In such cases, we’ll leave a delivery note to let you know where the flowers are. Please note, our flowers come with a small water source to see them through the day. If we can’t find a safe location, we’ll leave a calling card and try to redeliver the following day!

What time of day will my flowers arrive?

Deliveries are made Monday to Friday between 2–6 p.m. MT.

Do you deliver on weekends or holidays?

Not at this time. We’re a small team and unable to offer weekend delivery at this time.


Where do you source your flowers?

From spring to fall, we partner exclusively with local Colorado flower farmers who share our values and passion for environmental stewardship. We select only seasonal flowers during those months, emphasizing the most vibrant local blooms. In the winter months, we source our flowers from California.

How does Mossflower support sustainability?

Our commitment to environmental responsibility goes beyond the flowers we source. Sustainability is built into every aspect of our business from inventory management, waste reduction, composting and our overall carbon footprint.

Where do you source your vases?

Although we try really hard to only source American-made products, finding vases that fit our criteria has proven to be more difficult than we could imagine. At this time, our vaseware comes from the US, China and India. However, we’re always on the hunt for the right American-made vases.


What is a subscription?

Our flower subscriptions deliver fresh-cut flowers to your home or office on your terms. You pick the size, type (bouquet or arrangement with a vase) and how frequently you'd like them delivered and we do the rest. We offer occasion, monthly and weekly subscription options. Occasion subscriptions allow you to select custom dates to send to the same or multiple addresses. Monthly subscriptions will be delivered one-time each month. Weekly subscriptions are delivered each week.

When do you take payment for my subscription?

An initial payment will be made when you place your original order and subsequent payments will be made three (3) days before your next order.

Can I pause or stop my subscription?

Yes, you can. To pause your account, log in to your account and click on ‘My account,’ then hit the pause account button.

Can I change the recipient address for my subscription?

You can change the recipient address at no additional charge as long as it’s within our free delivery area. See map here. We require a minimum 48 hours advance notice. Email us at hello@mossflower.com and we’ll make the change.


Why do you deliver only Monday through Friday and no holidays?

We’re a small team. We use our weekends and holidays to recharge.

Can I select my own flowers?

Mossflower offers a florist’s choice of two options which reflect the growing season and reduce floral waste.

I forgot to enter my promo code. How can I enter it afterwards?

We do not accept promo codes retroactively.

How do I care for my flowers?

For your Mossflower blooms to look as beautiful as long as possible, trim the stems and change the water daily. Remove leaves from the stems so there are none in the water; leaves cause bacteria which shorten the flower's lifespan. For more detailed instructions follow our Flower Care guidelines.


What is special about your roses?

We want to share local roses with you because their scent is unbelievable and something you have to experience for yourself. Unlike the roses you’ve likely grown accustomed to they have a vibrant aroma but a short vase-life. Savor their beauty and when the bloom fades remove from your arrangement.


I have a question that is not answered in the FAQs. What’s the best way to contact you?

You can contact us via email at hello@mossflower.net. Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–6 p.m. MT. We’re a small team and do not work weekends or holidays and will respond to your message on our first business day.